Selection Committees



The Forest of Reading has seven individual selection committees that are tasked with selecting the annual nominated lists for children and adults. After reviewing all applications, the OLA appoints the committees to read, reviews and recommend Canadian books that meet the selection criteria and are deemed to be the best available titles for a given year, in a given program.

Terms of Reference - Committee
Terms of Reference - Committee Chairs

READING Timelines

The timeline for each Award varies due to the reading demands for each program. Below is the schedule of reading:
  • Blue Spruce – April to June
  • Silver Birch – January to August
  • Silver Birch Non-Fiction - December to July
  • Red Maple – October to August
  • White Pine – October to August
  • Le Prix Peuplier – July
  • Le Prix Tamarac Express – March to August
  • Le Prix Tamarac - March to August
  • Evergreen – February to December

APPLICATION deadlines Timelines

Applications are accepted all year round, however Chairs will select the committees based on applications up until the dates below
  • Blue Spruce – March 1
  • Silver Birch – November 1
  • Silver Birch Non-Fiction - October 1
  • Red Maple – September 1
  • White Pine – September 1
  • Le Prix Peuplier – January 1
  • Le Prix Tamarac Express – January 1
  • Le Prix Tamarac - January 1
  • Evergreen – February 1

Selection Committee Timeline & Reading Requirements Chart

2019 Selection Committees

Co-Chairs of the Forest of Reading®
Ruth Gretsinger, District School Board of Niagara
Isabelle Hobbs, Durham District School Board

Blue Spruce Award™

Becky Jenkins (Co-Chair)
Sarah Oesch (Co-Chair)
Anthea Bailie, Brandy Spencer, Carla Warnholtz, Diane Mackay, Joanna Gibson-Lawler, Katelyn Granger, Katharine Bartlett, Kendra Cutting, Laurel Van Dommelen, Leah Ed-Pisano, Leah Ede-Pisano, Lori Pierce, Penny Sellors

Silver Birch Fiction Award®

Peggy Thomas (Co-Chair)
Lauren Flattery (Co-Chair)
Agnieszka Marszalek, Barbara Kassies, Becky Jenkins, Casey MacDonald, Corrina McGill, Donna Lynch, Laurel McCaig, Lillian Gretsinger, Meaghan Alyea, Rashed Ahmad, Ruth Gretsinger

Silver Birch Non-Fiction Award®

Donna Lynch (Co-Chair)
Tony Duval (Co-Chair)
Amy Geddes, Donna Millard, Janet Marlin, Kate Morrison, Kim Worobec, Laurel Van Dommelen, Luisa Esposito-Karnatakis, Lynn Goodwin, Sonia Doyon

Red Maple Fiction Award™ / Red Maple Non-Fiction Award™

Serena McGovern (Chair)
Clara Camarda, Darlene Edwards, Karyn Kostiuk, Kersti Harvey, Laurie Orford, Lisa Carl, Luisa Esposito-Karnatakis, Myra Junyk, Samantha Dillane

White Pine Award™

Theresa Power (Co-Chair)
Caroline Ducanson (Co-Chair)
Amy Mathers, Angela Thompson, Corina Surcel, Enid Wray, Jade Noble, Janine Veinot-Wolch, Karen Whiteman, Kim Elliott, Mary Burbidge, Ruth MacSween, Serena McGovern, Susan Kernohan

Evergreen Award™ 

Kathryn Lee (Chair)
Carrie Benbow, Jeff Dodge, Katrina Doktor, Colleen Kelly, Erin Kernohan-Berning, Christine MacArthur, Caroline Moynihan, Emily Weiskopf-Ball, Stephanie McPherson

Golden Oak Award™

Gail Kavelman (Co-Chair)
Katie Hill (Co-Chair)
Kate Morrison, Myra Junyk, Lynella Reid, Sonia Doyon, Melissa McSweeney

Le Prix Tamarac Award

Eugenia Doval (Chair)
Amanda Halfpenny, Christine Fortin, Guillaume Brien-Regimbald, Jeanette Weatherill, Jennifer Kundakci, Lynn MacDonald, Mary Margaret Conlon, Sonya Doyon

Le Prix Tamarac Express Award

Evy Gambin (Chair)
Amanda Halfpenny, Christine Fortin, Claudine Blanchard, Guillaume Brien-Regimbald, Jeanette Weatherill, Lynn MacDonald, Mary Margaret Conlon, Sonya Doyon

Le Prix Peuplier Award

Diane Quessy (Chair)
Amanda Halfpenny, Carly Myher, Christine Fortin, Claudine Blanchard, Guillaume Brien-Regimbald , Jeanette Weatherill, Lynn MacDonald, Mary Margaret Conlon, Melissa Bulgutch, Sonya Doyon