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Copyright Questions - an OLA member service

OLA has a partnership with Community Legal Services (CLS) at Western University where law students, under the supervision of a lawyer, provide legal opinions on intellectual property (IP) matters (trademark, copyright, patent, personal data protection, privacy, etc.) to persons or organizations. Find out more.

Resources for Fall 2013 Copyright Workshop
Rob Tiessen - keynote presentation
Margaret Ann Wilkinson - Fair Dealing Law & the Contractual Environment

Resources for the new Copyright Modernization Act

Copyright Matters! Some Key Questions and Answers for Teachers (pdf)

Note: The booklet is not a substitute for legal advice, which should be sought in cases where the application of general principles is unclear.

OLA Super Conference Copyright Updates:

Collective Rights Management of Copyright In Canada
Presentation at the 2011 OLA Super Conference that describes the role of collectives and the rights of users.

Super Conference 2012 Copyright Update - includes update on Western Universities and University of Toronto special agreement with Access Copyright

Michael Geist, OLA's 2009 recipient of the Intellectual Freedom Award, provides observations and updates on his blog.

Legal Precedence and Fair Dealing in Copyright:

Fair dealing has been tested at the Supreme Court Level with the case:
CCH Canadian Ltd. v. Law Society of Upper Canada, 2004 SCC 13, [2004] 1 S.C.R. 339

Publishers sued the Law Society of Upper Canada for providing photocopier services to researchers. The court held that the practices were within fair dealing as encompassed in the Canadian Copyright Act. Refer to the case for details.