Information for Presenters

The Education Institute is always on the lookout for innovative webinar or course ideas related to the public, academic, school or special library sectors. If you have a great idea to share, don’t hesitate to contact us. In particular, we are looking for specialists in various library fields who would be comfortable delivering in an online format (using the Adobe Connect Meeting platform). For brand new courses, course development fees might be offered in addition to negotiated payment. NEW PRESENTERS ARE WELCOME!

Typical topics for courses include, but are not limited to:
  • Innovative approaches to reference or collection practices
  • Library management & supervision
  • Library advocacy
  • Teaching and learning
  • Technology applications and training
  • Successful library programming and services
To submit a proposal

Education Institute books three times a year: in March/April for summer, July/August for fall, and November/December for winter. However, you are welcome to submit a session proposal form at any time.

All session proposals require a description, list of key outcomes, and presenter bios including explanation of your expertise in the topic area. If you are submitting an idea for a course (vs. a one-shot session) please also include a resume and short cover letter outlining how your qualifications and experience suit your course proposal.

Note new format for presenter bios:
Please tell us a bit about yourself including:
  • One sentence on your title, library and location
  • Optional: One sentence on your education and/or research and/or professional association involvement relevant to the presentation topic
  • Optional: One sentence providing a fun fact, and/or elaboration of sentence 2 above.
Max length: 80 words per presenter. 

To get an idea of our usual compensation and distribution parameters, please review the Speaker Agreement Form. This form is only required once proposals have been finalized and accepted.

Privacy Policy: The contact information you provide on these forms will be used solely for planning and promotional activities by OLA staff on behalf of the Partnership. Your email, telephone and mailing address will be kept private, and used only to contact you directly regarding this session. Email is the preferred form of contact; telephone will be used as a secondary option only. We will probably follow you on Twitter if you provide a handle, and may include your handle in Twitter promotion. We promise not to call/text you for promotional purposes, merge this information with your membership information, or sell your information to any vendors or partners. 

Technical requirements for webinar presenters:
  • A wired rather than wireless internet connection. 
  • A headset or good quality computer microphone. We occasionally offer audio through teleconferencing, but the sound quality is not as good and the webinar is more expensive to produce. If you do use a telephone, it must be a landline connection rather than a wireless one.
  • A PowerPoint presentation with enough visuals for a 50-minute to one-hour presentation (Note: five slides are not enough). Avoid text-heavy presentations, as studies show that learners cannot listen and read at the same time. Unfortunately, Adobe Connect does not support Prezi presentations at this time, though you do have the ability to share your desktop to show participants documents or websites.
  • A webcam. This is optional; if you wish to put a face to your voice, you must provide your own webcam.
  • Webinars are conducted using the Adobe Connect Platform. To ensure your computer is set up with the appropriate tools to participate in an Adobe Connect Meeting, try the Test Meeting Connection. Sometimes add-ins need to be installed or your browser updated.  If you run into severe difficulties, you can contact the Adobe Connect Help Line at 1-800-44-3623 (800 42 ADOBE).
A rehearsal is usually scheduled with the Education Coordinator a week or two (or more if you need it) ahead of the presentation date to iron out any technical and audio difficulties and to familiarize you with the platform and its possibilities. If you would like to know more about the Adobe Connect webinar platform, browse our Registration FAQ.