OLA Copyright Symposium

Theme: Public Domain 
Save the Date: Friday November 23, 2018
Location: tbd
Program: Posted in October
Registration: Opens October 1, 2018 

The OLA Copyright User’s Group regularly host a symposium focusing on issues related to copyright for various types of libraries.  As librarians and library technicians with responsibility for administering copyright policy and/or educating our campuses on the use of protected materials it’s incumbent upon us to develop the professional skills and judgment to discern both the needs of our campus community and the extent of what the law will allow. The symposium aims to assist librarians in developing copyright policy grounded in existing law and tailored to the unique needs and culture of their institution.

The theme of the 2018 Copyright Symposium is Public Domain. Numerous inquiries regarding the public domain: what’s in it, how do you define it, how do you determine status of content, how do you determine legitimacy/authenticity of content, similar questions regarding publicly accessible online content and misconception that if something is publicly accessible it must then be within the public domain.

  • About the scholarship behind the public domain in Canada
  • How to determine if works are in the public domain · How libraries are making public domain materials available
  • How libraries can promote the availability of public domain materials
  • What threats exist to out current legal definition of the public domain
  • How the Internet has impacted and enhanced the public domain within library services. 


Cancellation Policy:

Registrations will be reimbursed at 75% until 30 days prior to the event; 50% until 15 days prior and will not be reimbursed at all within 14 days of the event. Registration can be transferred to another staff member at any point during the registration process. Please email your cancellation or transfer requests to education@accessola.com . 

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